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Adding Space Without Adding on To Your Home
If your home is cramped due to an accumulation of belongings or additional family members you may be wondering how you can use what you have to fit your needs without the expense of adding onto your home. You can increase space in your current home by taking a second look at areas you may have overlooked before.


Your basement may be a cold, dark area that has become a pit for storing long forgotten toys, furniture and other belongings. You may seldom, if ever, actually venture into your basement. Remodeling your basement is an ideal way to increase your family's living space.

Before deciding how to use this basement space, consider both what it is ideal for and what your needs are. Since basements generally do not have windows and are darker, a home theater room could be set up with ease. Basements are on a separate floor, usually with a door you can close from the main level. So loud rooms such as recreation rooms, game rooms, or exercise rooms will be tucked away down there.

Some other uses for your basement remodeling:

• Basement apartment: Your basement may be the perfect location for your college-age child's apartment. With a bedroom, bathroom, living area and small kitchenette, it will save you money on room and board.

• Music Studio/ Workshop: Your basement is idea for a home hobby such as a music studio, art studio, hobby workshop or even a home office.

• Wine cellar: Basements are naturally cool and can be converted easily into a wine cellar complete with tasting area.

Before beginning work on your basement remodel have a professional contract inspect for any water or moisture problems. They can install moisture barriers and clean up any water problems to prevent future water intrusion problems in the future.


That second or even third bay in your garage is not meant to accumulate all of the lawn equipment, toys, sporting equipment, tools and more that probably inhabit it right now. By organizing what you do have, you will find you have room left for a workshop, home office, or studio. Since garages are usually attached to your home, installing any additional wiring, heating, cooling, or plumbing is feasible. Start with organizing the items that are currently stored in your garage. By installing shelving, hooks, and cabinetry you can get these items up off the floor and see what space you have to work with.

If all of the bays in your garage are loaded with items, you may want to build a storage shed in your backyard to hold these. This will completely free up all the space in your garage to use for storing vehicles and remodeling a portion for your living use. If there is no other room currently above your garage, you may want to build an addition above the garage during your remodeling project. You can raise the roof and easily add an apartment, home office or work studio. This will also increase the total value of your home as you are increasing livable square footage.

Some other uses for your garage remodeling:

• Laundry room: If you currently have a basement laundry or small laundry on another floor, you may want to add a laundry room to your garage. This will make doing laundry a breeze. You can also install a utility sink so dirty clothes from outside never even make it into your home.

• Mud room: Creating a mud room or hallway area for family members and guests to enter before entering your home will help keep your home clean. Install hooks for outerwear and a bench to remove shoes.

• Music studio. You can send your teenager or husband to the garage to play guitar with his buddies. Install additional insulation and sound proof flooring to help keep the noise to a minimum.


An attic makes sense as a remodeling project because the roof, floors, and walls are already there. You may be able to use your attic for an additional bedroom, home office, or recreation area. Attics are usually barren, with no wiring or insulation. You will need to have a professional contractor frame the area you want to use as livable space and install proper insulation. Next, an HVAC contractor can supply heating and air conditioning to the attic space. Since the attic was never intended to be lived in and bear weight of furniture and people, you should consult a structural engineer to come out and inspect the attic. He may recommend stronger flooring, more support, or other things to ensure the attic remodeled space is safe and livable.
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